In Heidelberg, Germany, more than 130 years ago the success story of Kaweco pen began. Through innovative designs, robust construction and charming aesthetics, Kaweco pens have stood the test of time.

The art of penmanship is something that is enhanced considerably with a beautiful writing instrument, Whether used for business or creative self-expression, Kaweco pens are a timeless, reliable writing companion.

Kaweco's pen and mechanical pen collections honour traditional design while adding a modern edge. Each writing instrument is crafted with the upmost precision, boast an array of coloured accents and are as efficient in performance as they are compact in form. Distinctively stylish, these tools transcend fashion and time. True to the Kaweco slogan'Small in the pocket, great in the hand'.

When your inks begin to run low or your leads come to their end, there is no need to fret, Kaweco manufacture replacement inks and lead refills so you can get back to writing with your favourite tool in no time.

Fountain Pen Ink Bottlefeatures:

  • Designed and made in Germany.
  • Designed for all Kaweco fountain pens.
  • Housed in a glass bottle.

Colour: Pearl Black.
Capacity: 30ml.