The Full Circle Suds Up Dish Brush Soap Dispensing will clean even the toughest of grime from your dishes. Made with food safe materials, this dish brush is the sustainable choice when cleaning.

Made from plant based fibres, Full Circle Dish Brush features a removable head making it suitable for switching between the Suds Up Dish Brush and the Suds Up Dish Sponge. This brush allows you to fill up the interior with washing detergent to ensure continuous cleaning.


  • Measures 28.5cm x 6cm x 5cm
  • Made from bamboo, plant fibres and bonterra plant plastic
  • Recycled bristles that eliminate the toughest grime
  • Replaceable head
  • Bamboo handle features washing detergent compartment
  • Dispenses soap straight onto dishes
  • Non-toxic
  • Earth friendly materials
  • Sustainable choice
  • Dishwasher safe brush head
  • Hand wash wooden handle