De Buyer Mineral B carbon steel country fry pan is completely uncoated so it is a long-term investment that only gets better with age.

This traditional pan designed after the French lyonnaise pan is one of the most diverse kitchen supplies.

Unlike coated pans', theDe Buyer carbon steel country fry pan's non-stick qualities only get better with age. Since the pan is completely uncoated, there will be no chemicals or other materials rubbing off from it.

De Buyer carbon steel pan has 8,5cm tall edges that stop the grease from splashing around. The high edges make it easy to prepare even larger amounts of different ingredients on the pan. With this pan you can both prepare the veggies and add sauce onto them without losing some of the flavor in between changing pans.

It's no coincidence that the carbon steel pan is the professional's choice when the cooking is required to have perfect results. The carbon steel's heat distribution, durability, and non-stick qualities are unbeatable.The carbon steel pan is comparable to a cast iron pan, however it is lighter and reacts quicker to temperature changes. That means the carbon steel pan is easy and pleasant to use.