Good. is a Kiwi brand that has a focus on reducing single use plastic packaging from factory to consumer. Their locker range comes flatpacked in super thick cardboard instead of the copious amounts of polystyrene used by other brands.

The Edna steel locker is something in the middle, not too tall, not too short but just perfect for storing toys in the kiddos room or a great addition to a busy hallway toneaten and store shoes and bags, Edna loves to be styled and decorated on top with plants, vases, books or art.



Material - steel

Adjustable shelves 

Adjustable feet

‘Good’ embossed logo 

Air vents 



Available in 6 stylish colours. 


The locker arrives in a flatpack with instructions to assemble.

Dimensions: 102 height x 80 cm width x 40 cm depth