Peel off your boiled eggs effortlessly and perfectly every time with. Whether you are peeling one boiled egg or a dozen at time, the Fusionbrands EggXactPeel will have you mastering a quick and easy egg shell removal technique. Simply crack, peel, and remove stubborn egg shells using this handy tool's special blade and peeler ends, and you can make the perfect, silky smooth boiled eggs. No more tiny shell fragments, torn apart boiled egg, and messy raw egg dripping on the worktop, thanks to the Fusionbrands EggXactPeel.

Key Features:

  • Harmlessly cracks and effortlessly peels and removes stubborn shells from either soft or hard-boiled eggs
  • Gently insert peeler under cracked shell, follow around egg to remove shell and membrane in an instant
  • Kid-friendly plastic blade makes a clean crack before peeling
  • Blade can be used for cracking raw eggs to avoid raw egg dripping down the side of a bowl or landing on the worktop
  • Slim design is great for lunch boxes or traveling when you need a healthy protein boiled egg snack