Attracting paperclips is super useful, but when these three cute Rader paperclip catchers do it with poetry, design and originality... it's just perfect!

Three handy little paper clip catches

Who wouldn't see one of these three inventive and delicate paper clip catches on their desk? Ink blue and white, in magnetic porcelain, they attract your paper clips so they don't scatter everywhere! It's the ultra-practical, must-have desk accessory for a tidy workspace. It's also the perfect gift to give to your favorite colleague, your somewhat messy boss or the intern ready to leave for her new professional adventure!

Design and playful paper clip magnets

They are called "big boss", "private secretary" or "donkey director". They represent an elephant, a female figure or a faithful steed. Finally, they are small sizes, original, poetic and discreet, measuring 12x7x7 cm, 3.5x3.5x12 cm and 10x4.5x10 cm. They are the three paperclip catches of the charming German decorative brand Rader. On a desk, any of the three will attract admiring and amused looks. It's certain, despite their small size, they will be noticed!