• ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: Made with durable and robust material like aluminum(PFOA-free guaranteed) the financier baking pan is made to last longer. It is 1 mm thick and assures that it wont break, fade, bend, warp or rust while its use.
  • NONSTICK: Double layer metal coating makes financier tray absolutely nonstick(no greasing needed), so you can easily remove your cakes without any mess or deforming the shape.
  • PERFECT BAKING: Made completely from high quality metal, metal baking tray ensure optimum heat diffusion and provides even cooking and perfect browning of your almond cakes.
  • HEAT RESISTANT: Heat resistant upto extreme temperature like 450°F / 230°C, Financier baking mold do not deform in the oven and provides homogeneous cooking to each of the cakes.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The most crucial part after baking is cleaning the utensils. But you need not worry when you have with you this nonstick financier baking pan. After use just wash the pan with soapy water and you are done.