Wild inspiration and modern arrangements by Swallows and Damsons florist Anna Potter, with beautiful photography by India Hobson.

Anna Potter is the florist behind Swallows and Damsons, a beautiful flower shop based in Sheffield. Her flower shop has 181k followers on Instagram. Very luxe and wild feel that uses containers of all sorts and moves beyond the confines of blooms in her decoration - incorporating foliage, fruit and vegetables, seashells and most things that have grown out of the grou

Anna believes that we all need our daily fix of nature - whether that is getting out into a park or further afield, or simply a walk around the block. Nature thrives in the most unlikely of places - on roadsides and in the cracks of pavements, overgrown back gardens, apartment balconies and narrow alleyways. Time in nature is profoundly healing, it provides a sense of perspective about our place in the world, reminds us of the natural passage of time, and encourages wonder and curiosity for the world we live in.


A refreshingly modern guide to creative floral arrangements that uplift and inspire.


Blousy blooms, speckled branches, rich foliage and delicate petals; nature has the power to inspire and energise, calm and soothe, focus and still. Anna has harnessed this magic with 26 tailor-made combinations of flowers to bring a floral boost to your home, no matter what your mood. With easy-to-find seasonal blooms, found items such as twigs and dried fruit, and any assortment of containers, discover how simple it is to bring a little bit of nature's mystery into the everyday.