The irrepressible Jamie Oliver has produced yet another cookbook for anyone looking for some uncomplicated kitchen inspiration.


He describes 7 Ways as the companion book to his highly acclaimed 5 Ingredients, published in 2017. The recipes are grouped into 18 categories, reflecting what Oliver calls the ‘hero ingredients'.


This provides a handy reference if you are staring at a cauliflower or some fish fillets in the fridge that need to be eaten but want a change from the usual routine.


There are soups, one-pan wonders, pasta and traybakes, and a group called Fakeaways, which look a bit like homemade takeaways.


Each recipe comes with a full breakdown of its nutritional value and, even better, the ingredients are simple and not expensive.


Known for his emphasis on making healthy food choices, Oliver says that 72 percent of the recipes are classed as everyday dishes and 28 percent are classed as occasional.