• Made from ash wood, the Lyndhurst Mills have an elegant yet functional design which will look beautiful in your home and have you seasoning food to perfection.

• The Lyndhurst features an inverta design which stops residue being left behind on your table. Simply twist the stainless steel grind selection band to select your desired grind setting; 6 for pepper and 3 for salt.

• The Lyndhurst Pepper Mill features the all new Gourmet Precision+ mechanism. The new mechanism improves upon the current, award-winning Gourmet Precision mechanism.

• They are designed for ultimate efficiency and optimal output; 40% more ground pepper can be released with the same number of turns.

• Research done by Nottingham University proves that the new mechanism delivers more flavour from the peppercorn

• The Gourmet Precision+ mechanism on the pepper, made from carbon steel, has optimised mechanics to ensure fewer blockages and even more consistent performance.

• The salt mill still features the diamond sharp ceramic mechanism cutting through the hardest of salts, allowing for a smooth and even turn.

• The salt and pepper mechanisms come with a lifetime guarantee.

• Easy filling from the base – comes filled



Care Instructions

• Not dishwasher safe

• Clean the mill with a damp (not wet) colourless cloth and dry thoroughly

• Do not rinse the mechanism or submerge in water as this may cause rust

• Store in a dry, moisture-free environment. Use high quality peppercorns in all mills