• Microplane's Master Series combines a polished walnut handle with super-efficient cutting teeth to create a lovely collection of elegantly designed hand-held graters

• Microplane graters feature photo-etched blade technology, ensuring effortless grating for superior results, cutting foods precisely without ripping or shredding

• Non-slip end piece to keep grater steady on work surface and prevent against scratching

• Surgical grade stainless-steel blades featuring razor sharp cutting teeth; US-Certified oiled Kentucky walnut handle

• Includes protective cover for safe storage and blade protection

• The fine grater is ideal for grating citrus peel and hard spices including nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, quickly reducing harder foods to light, fluffy shavings



Care Instructions

• Hand Wash only - Wooden handle is not dishwasher safe

• Dry thoroughly after use and store in a dry, moisture-free environment

• Rinsing thoroughly after use in warm water to remove trapped particles is recommended

• Hand wash the protective cover separately

• Store with blade cover on when not in use