Scoop, pour, click. Fifteen minutes later enjoy freshly roasted beans: locally roasted at your place.

Roasting system: variable airspeed fluidised air

Automation system: dual profiles, temperature and airspeed

Temperature control: PID control with the unique Kaffelogic look-ahead and gain scheduling system, fully user programmable

Heater: 1400 W

Motor: Brushless DC 60W

Power supply: 230-240 V AC

Batch size: 100g roasted (120g green)

Roast time: (typical) 10 mins

Cool down time: (typical) 2.5 mins (at 21° C)

Weight: 3.6 kg Dimensions: 125 mm x 125 mm x 280 mm WxDxH base unit, height with chaff collector 430 mm

Safety: continuous monitoring with full shutdown on fault detection - our roaster is safe to operate unattended?

Standards certification: AS/NZS 60335.2.9:2014, 60335.1:2011 (Certificate No. SAA-183780-EA SDoc) and AS/NZS CISPR 14-1:2013? (Report No. 181001.1) (SDoc)

Available for New Zealand based customers only.