Cooks Knife, Universal, 20cm Cook’s Knife:|The all-rounder for professional and hobby chefs. Sturdy, heavy with a broad strong blade and fine cutting edge, this knife is suitable for chopping herbs, cutting vegetables, slicing and dicing fish and meat.

A work of art in every way The blade is made of Forged NITRUM stainless steel. If offers durability, toughness, is razor sharp and rust resistant The elegant ergonomic handle offers a modern contemporary design along with durability and comfort.

The handle scales, made of natural rosewood with excellent finish, recalls the classic style with a touch of modernity. Rivets are made of a stainless steel ensuring extremely high corrosion resistance. Originally Arcos produced knives exclusively for the professional. Due to its high cutting power ( over 100 mm ) and long edge retention ( over 350 mm) which made Arcos knives leader in the commercial market, now Arcos knives are also available for the end users that wants to feel in theirs hands a precise cutting tool used by professional chefs worldwide.