• Effortlessly cut through poultry tendons and bones with ease as a result of the perfect power transmission of the Zwilling Poultry Shears

• The serrated blade ensures optimum stability and grip when cutting, whilst the slight curvature of the blade is ideal for dividing poultry into portions

• Fibre-glass reinforced handles are shatter-proof, whilst the ergonomic grip is comfortable to hold and requires little exertion

• The bone breaker separates bones, wings and joints effortlessly, so you can prepare poultry dishes with ease

• Practical safeguard prevents the scissors from opening up, reducing the risk of injury



Care Instructions

• Dishwasher Safe, however hand washing is recommended, as high heat may discolour or damage the handle

• Wipe clean with a wet cloth or soft sponge and a small amount of dishwashing liquid and dry immediately