The contemporary Cast Iron Square Grillit features stylish, integral handles for easy and safe lifting. The satin black enamelled interior is robust and durable to withstand higher surface temperatures, whilst the grooves re-create professional seared lines and flavour.

Our satin black enamel has excellent easy food release properties, which are enhanced once a natural surface patina develops. Whilst it is not a non-stick surface, once the patina covers the cooking surface the release of foods improves such that little, or no, fats or oils are required for healthier cooking.

Our Square Grillits are ideal for:

Searing quickly, with a minimum of fat, a variety of meat and fish

Grilling brochettes, vegetables and fruit

Finishing cooking thicker pieces of meat in the oven, such as chicken or duck

Roasting a piece of lamb or beef in the oven

Deglazing the caramelised residues of grilled meats with a glass of wine to make a delicious sauce

Available in a range of colours to complement every kitchen and style, our Cast Iron Square Grillits are suitable for all hob types (including ceramic, halogen, induction, gas and oil or wood) and are protected by a Lifetime Guarantee for total peace of mind.