Where Nature Meets Design - edited by Greg Lehmkuhl and the gardeners of Terrain.

In project after project, idea after idea, here are hundreds of ways to bring nature into your home and style into your garden. Unexpected arrangements using branches and wild blooms, seed heads and bulbs. Container gardens designed in painter's palettes. Weaths made out of vines, dried stems, fresh leaves, and preserved fern fronds. A guide to forcing branches to bloom in the middle of winter. Simple touches - like rooting a plant in a clear glass vessel - and more involved projects, including designs for a truly natural Christmas.

Lushly illustrated with over 450 beautiful photographs, Terrain blurs the indoors and out to bring the subtle and surprising joys of nature into our lives every day.

A go-to manual you will reach for every time you want inspiration for step-by-step instructions for clever (and easy) gardening projects, as well as practical garden, advise.

368 pages, hardback