• The Torino Granitium range by Ballarini features a non-stick, mineral stone granitium internal coating which is extremely scratch resistant due to being reinforced with mineral particles

• Heavy-gauge forged aluminium body - 4,5 mm + 0,5 mm stainless steel with excellent base stability

• Non-stick coating enables healthier styles of cooking, as the addition of cooking oils or butter is not required

• Scratch resistant external ceramic coating

• Ergonomic stainless steel handle stays cool to the touch during cooking and is suitable for use in the oven

• Greater energy efficiency as a result of improved heat absorption and therefore superior thermal induction

• Withstands temperatures of up to 250°C

• Free of PFOA, heavy metals and nickel



Care Instructions

• Suitable for gas, electric, radiant rings and plates and induction cooktops

• Dishwasher safe, non-stick coating is easy to clean

• Recommended for use with wooden or plastic utensils only to avoid damage to coating