A whetstone is an ideal tool to use when sharping knives and fine edge tools. 

This Whetstone is an angle guided and dual-grit sharpening water stone.

Premium 1000 grit and 6000 grit aluminum oxide sharpening stones help to create keen edges.

It is recommended to use the 1000 grit to sharpen and restore an edge.

6000 grit is suitable for refining edge and surface finish.


  • Sharpens kitchen knives of all types and can also be used on pocket and outdoor knives.
  • Sharpening base provides a stable platform and increased water control for less mess and faster clean up.
  • Material: 1000 & 6000 aluminium oxide sharpening stone.
  • Anti-skid feet ensure a safe and stable process.
  • Angle guides create precision and consistency to maintain an edge making sharpening faster and easier.
  • Sharpening guides are interchangeable from 15° or 17° and optional to use.